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View our broad selection of quality composite products. We offer basins, wet wells, prefab bridges, fiberglass buildings, covers, duralast docks, enclosures, tanks and custom projects. We serve a wide range of markets that include Power, Parks and Recreation, Water and Wastewater, Telecommunications, OEM and Custom. View our selection and find your next project solution today.


Project Profile:
Castle Hill Country Club | Australia

Castle Hill Country Club in Australia needed durable bridges that could be installed quickly to minimize downtime on the golf course. They consulted with SIS (Sustainable Infrastructure Systems), which recommended installing four prefab bridges made with InfraCore® Inside technology. Watch this installation here.



  • (4) 8.5' x 26' bridges
  • 100 lb/sq.ft. + service vehicle



With InfraCore® Inside technology, there's a continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the construction. This prevents delamination and ensures the bridges are safe and strong.